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A Part of History

Historical photo of Newville before Pleasant Hill Lake was created, 1930s


Pleasant Hill Lake is created.

The house was originally built around 1900 and was located in the Newville, Ohio. When the Army Corps of Engineers commissioned a dam to be built on the Mohican River and the surrounding valley be flooded, the town of Newville was evacuated. Many structures were abandoned but others were moved to new locations including this house. There are accounts that the house was moved twice.

Mohican River Valley before dam construction.

Map showing where the area flooded by the dam.


That's a big move.


Time for an update

The owner's suite and wrap-around porch were the main features added during the extensive renovation completed in spring of 2022. Raylin Farmhouse opened as a vacation rental that summer and we have loved hosting ever since!

Newest updates:

The barn pavilion was completed in the spring of 2023.


Before, spring 2021


Post renovation, spring 2022

Raylin Bedroom 1

Owner's Suite, added during renovation


Event Barn, added to property spring 2023

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